nown for his martial arts APPROACH to salsa; can usually find him at social dances around kw.

a CONTEMPORARY dancer by trade; this self PROCLAIMED favourite disciple will beat you up if you are offbeat. 

 UBC alum with years of experience teaching ; trained in ballet, pointe, jazz and lyrical but now focuses on styling.

joining mambo in 2012, emily rotated her personalities for 5 years and finally came back to earn her armband in 2017. 

Skipping the beginner class completely; this chump somehow managed to catch up and is now a master of his own style?

longest running mambo president; saba started as a beginner and is now exploring any styling involving glutes.

another mambo beginner that rose up the ranks quickly; clarissa is secretly a gremlin looking for water.

mambo armbands

Generation 1 (2009) - Laurian, Melissa, Avery, Vic, Angie, Emilie


Generation 2 (2010) - Mirabelle, Kelly, Sheila, Scott


Generation 3 (2011) - Rebekah, Sue, Lepre, Haythem


Generation 4 (2012) - Carla, Dina, Alexia


Generation 5 (2013) - Eryka, Kenny, Tess, Tania


Generation 6 (2014) - Lyle, Mina


Generation 7 (2015) - Lisa, Amanda, Dennis, Saba, Curtis


Generation 8 (2016) - Momeo, Kevin, Clarissa, Tamim, Amin, Bee


Generation 9 (2017)- Yanyan, Katy, Nathania


Class Pictures